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The time has come again where ‘you’, the fans and supporters, have your say.

We welcome you to the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee People’s Choice Award.

As we conclude another year, we take this opportunity to recognize the successes of Team Trinidad and Tobago’s athletes all year round. Every year, athletes train hard to achieve sporting excellence as they represent the Red, White and Black.

Now it’s your turn to decide who will be the 2022 People's Choice Athlete of the Year.

For the TTOC People’s Choice Award, it’s your choice! So, we hope you’ve been keeping track of favourite athletes’ performance for 2022.


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Voting closes midnight on: Monday, 19th December 2022

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T&T Cycling Federation (TTCF) president Rowena Williams stated the Federation has steps in place for national cyclists to qualify for the 2016 Olympic Games, dismissing claims by national cyclist Njisane Phillip.

It was reported in a daily newspapers (not the Guardian) on Sunday that Phillip was unhappy with the TTCF in helping T&T cyclists earn UCI (International Cycling Union) points to qualify for the UCI World Cup Series and the Olympic Games in 2016.

Phillip was quoted on Facebook as saying: “TTCF didn’t put anything in place for riders to qualify for world cups this year, we don’t even get UCI points for our national championships? Why? The rest of the world does.”

In a phone interview yesterday with Williams, the TTCF president said plans are in place for cyclists to earn UCI points at T&T’s national cycling championships. “Currently the country has plans in place for cyclists in our national championships to get UCI points from next year, he (Phillip) is probably not aware of that.”

Phillip added: “We barely even made it to the World Cup, if was not for my last minute trip to Czech Republic which yall (TTCF) didn’t pay for. I mean tell me our plan for this next Olympics team? Do you all even have one, or the athletes have to figure it out again like 2010-2012? You all just worried about election coming up.”

Williams responded by saying: “The Federation has been ensuring they (cyclists) get funding, we have been funding cyclists for events, I am not sure what his beef is.” Williams said that after funding is given to the riders it is then up to the cyclists to earn enough UCI points to qualify for the Olympic Games.

T&T was represented by Jude Codrington, Quincy Alexander and Kwesi Browne at the first leg of the World Cup earlier this month in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Phillip is not currently with the national cycling team at the Central American and Caribbean Games (CAC) in Mexico, but is expected to represent T&T at the second leg of the UCI Cycling World Cup in London, England, from December 5-7.