TT Olympic Committee (TTOC) president Brian Lewis continued his push for digital transformation in the world of sport at the International Boxing Association (AIBA) Continental Forum for America on Sunday.


During his online address to the federations, Lewis spoke about governance transformation and post-covid19 opportunities and challenges.

According to a statement issued by AIBA, he stressed the importance of sport in society and the economy.

“In the post-covid-19 sports world, digital transformation is essential for good governance. This goes hand in hand with revised policy frameworks and evolving organisational culture.

“To inspire athletic and aca-demic achievements, to encourage capital accumulation to facilitate the workings of markets and strengthen institutions is all our substantial objectives for the next future.

“Moreover, we expect improved and increased transparency, efficiency and ethical oversight,” he said.

Lewis, who also serves as Caribbean Association of National Olympic Committees (CANOC) president, also underlined the importance of gender equity and the inclusion of women in key decision-making positions.

Representatives from 36 countries attended the virtual session. The AIBA leadership and the national federations of the continent discussed a number of pivotal issues.

Topics such as reforms, new AIBA committees, competition calendar, development plans for national federations, a communication strategy, a report from the legal group. They also held an anti-doping seminar with the International Testing Agency’s head of testing, Matteo Vallini.

AIBA President Mr. Umar Kremlev said the intention of the continent to improve is “incredible”.

“I am very happy with their (national federations) eagerness to follow the way of reforms, to support AIBA and improve themselves.

“I appreciate their enthusiasm and fresh ideas, which were discussed. I am sure that soon we will see distinct and even more powerful America on the boxing map,” Kremlev said.

American Boxing Confederation president Osvaldo Bisbal added, “We need to set up our development plan and start contributing to the future of our boxers and officials. Also, it is highly necessary for us to create a boxing academy for our boxers, coaches and officials.”

During the session, the AIBA development plan was presented. Development is a core mission of AIBA. The objectives and goals reflect the aim to develop every facet of the sport. As such, all stakeholders shall be provided with the necessary support, education and opportunities to achieve this purpose.

“We created the detailed development plan for NFs of the American continent which consists of the improvement of several directions. AIBA Development team will diligently work with the Confederation to assess each National Federation, to evaluate the evolution of the competitions on the continent, to raise regular participation of certified coaches and officials, to set up an online platform dedicated to educational programs,” Kremlev said.

Beyond that, communication strategy, including the creation of a unified information system, implementation of digital tools, and extended coverage of 75 years of the global boxing celebration, was discussed.