History is made and defined by landmark events.

Because of these events, our world never would be the same. Such is the advent of the Abilenian, Deon Lendore. Born October, 28, 1992, to Chrispina Isaac of Mt Pleasant, Arima, Deon is the last of three children. He has a brother Jevon and a sister, Leah. He is the eyeball of his grandparents, Christine Lendore and Carmen Isaac. His schooling embraced St Theresa's pre-school, run by Teacher Paula, Arima Boys Government and QRC. He is currently a business major at Texas A&M, University in USA. He started his running at Mt Pleasant Neighbourhood Block Party. He was discovered by Mike Perry, party organiser, who claimed that Deon was too good to compete against his peers on the block, and that he should join a club to take him to the next level of his game. His mother, Chrispina, a former athlete competing for Abilene Wildcats in the 70s, introduced her son to her former club. His world was never going to be the same. These events in his young life changed the direction of his focus. As destiny would have it, he was on the path to be Arima's and Abilene Wildcats' first Olympic Medalist.

Arima has produced more than 16 Olympians, but none like Deon Lendore. I called him on the night of his selection to the Olympic team and said to him, "Go get it, you are the chosen one." He is developing. A college degree and not "The Pros" should be his priority. Financial incentive will be tempting, but short-lived. This is an important step in the decision-making process for him.

There's no mystery. If you are in college, graduate! If you are not, ride the "elite" train! T&T took bronze in the 4x400m relay, contributing to another successful night for the Caribbean at the 30th Olympiad in London. It's history. No T&T team has ever accomplished this feat. Gordon, Solomon, Alleyne-Forte and Lendore combined for 2:59.40, NR (T&F News). Gordon said: "Everybody brought their best game." Lendore added: "We had to run our best to medal." Their splits in the final: Gordon-44.6; Solomon-44.6; Allyene–Forte-45.51; Lendore-44.73.

"The world may be surprised, but as a team, watching our own performances throughout the year, we knew we would have given strong competition and take a medal." The team broke into the elite ranks of Olympians when they finished third. Lendore, the young man from Abilene Wildcats Arima, with the "Wolf pack," instantly scribed their names into Olympic history, and in T&T's track mythologies. Today, his relatives are still beaming in the quiet hilly Mt Pleasant community of Arima at their home. Seventy-seven-year-old Christine Lendore, grandmother, in a telephone conversation said: "I just could not believe that I was watching my grandson on TV running." His mother, Chrispina, said: "Cliff, all I could do was cry, as I never could believe what I just saw. My son anchoring the team to a medal?" Sister Leah said: "I was praying all the time, Thank you, Jesus! My little brother, an Olympic medalist?" Abilene Wildcats' coach, Charlie Joseph said: "He was super. I can't say it any better. He did extremely well, we are proud of him. Now, we need the velodrome to train."

Source: https://www.guardian.co.tt