All outdoor sports and exercise are now prohibited 24/7 under the 2021 emergency powers regulations.

The new regulations were published around 7 pm on Sunday.

On Saturday, the Prime Minister announced the country would be under a State of Emergency from Sunday.

In addition, there will be a daily curfew from 9 pm-5 am.

The regulations said, “During the period of public emergency between 5.01 am and 8.59 pm (outside of curfew hours), a person shall not participate in outdoor sports or exercise in public places or operate any sport clubs including cycling, running, hiking, swimming, golf, tennis, football, rugby and hockey clubs.”

Last Thursday, an alarm was raised when around 60 people went hiking in Lopinot.

But police said they were separated into groups of five, thus not breaching the public health regulations.

All these activities are now prohibited.

The regulations will stay in effect until July 4.