December 4 – The Sport Integrity Global Alliance (SIGA) has launched its first SIGA Youth Forum that will take take place on January 27-28 next month.

The two-day online forum will comprise 12 digital webinar sessions, and is aimed at young leaders, under 30 years of age, from around the world with the aim of promoting youth empowerment in and through sport.

SIGA recently formed its own Youth Council to give young sports-focussed administrators and athletes a voice within the integrity area.

Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros, global CEO of SIGA and chairman & CEO of SIGA AMERICA, said: “A global movement is emerging with Youth at the helm and Sport Integrity at its core. Bridging the insights of the world’s youth, the passion of genuine fans and the foresight of visionary leaders, SIGA is setting the path for the future of Sport.

Topics will cover:

  • Creating Global Dynamics for Effective Cultural Change
  • The Power of Technology, Social Media and Digital
  • For a Sport with Values: Race, Gender, Diversity & Inclusion!
  • Accountability: Creating Pressure on Sports Organisations to Reform Themselves
  • Sport Integrity: Vision 2030
  • Social Responsibility and the Power of Athletes to influence Social Changes
  • Why Global Business Needs to Do More for Sport Integrity
  • Youth Development and Child Protection in Sport: Walking the Talk
  • Start-ups and Entrepreneurs: Shaping Sport Integrity Now
  • Careers in Sport Integrity: Opening the Door to the Next Generation
  • eSports: the Integrity Challenges of the Fastest Growing Sport
  • Clean Sport: Mission Impossible?

Attendance at the forum is free of charge. To register click here.


Coinciding with the launch of the SIGA Youth Forum, the integrity group has launched its latest campaign – #StandWithSIGA – that encourages individuals and organisations to sign up to its core integrity goals of:


  • Sports Organisations must govern themselves and operate under the highest governance principles, including democracy, transparency, accountability and stakeholder engagement.


  • Sports Organisations must uphold and respect the fundamental principles of sports ethics, which reflect the values of fair play, solidarity, respect for the rule of law, human rights, dignity, integrity, diversity and inclusiveness.


  • Sports Organisations must take accountability for their own affairs and implement a zero-tolerance policy against all types criminality (including corruption, bribery, money-laundering, tax evasion, smuggling and trafficking of minors), as well as racism, violence and all forms of abuse and discrimination.


  • Whilst recognising Sport’s specific nature and autonomy, Sports Organisations must respect and comply with all applicable laws and regulations in the governance, regulation and administration of Sport.


  • Sports Organisations must implement and comply with the SIGA Universal Standards on Sport Integrity and be independently scrutinised through SIRVS.

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