MINISTER of Sport and Youth Affairs Shamfa Cudjoe is urging athletes to find creative ways to overcome the challenges posed by the covid19 pandemic.

Cudjoe made this point in her Olympic Day message, which was issued on Monday. The Olympic Day will be commemorated on Tuesday .

“It is certainly a pleasure for me to join the sporting fraternity, both locally and internationally, in commemorating Olympic Day this year,” said Cudjoe. “During this period of the covid19 pandemic, I am sure that people all over the world have gained a greater appreciation for sports and the role it plays in the lives of our youth. This experience should also serve as a reminder of the significant contribution sport makes to our economies, nationally and internationally.

“Olympic Day, since its inception on June 23, 1948, highlights the goal of the Olympic Movement which promotes participation in sport across the globe, regardless of age, gender or athletic ability.”

According to Cudjoe, “The Olympic Agenda 2020 endorses gender equality as a priority, and emphasises the need to empower women and girls in sport.”

Concerning the coronavirus, Cudjoe said, “We are all aware of the challenges and obstacles that covid19 has posed to the sporting fraternity. Measures implemented to reduce the spread of the pandemic have resulted in a crippling effect on national and international sporting fixtures, from the cancellation of the local cricket calendar to the postponement of the Olympics. Sporting facilities had to be closed, and physical activity had to be severely interrupted.

“As Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs, I encourage all our athletes, at home and abroad, to find creative ways to overcome the challenges and hone their skills. Use this time to explore other opportunities to develop your skills and your abilities. Against the backdrop of these unprecedented challenges, we cannot give up. We must get through this, and we must get through this together. That’s the essence of the Olympic spirit.”