The Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee(TTOC)will host a one week high performance coaching workshop next month (September).

The workshop will target coaches who attended the TTOC Art and Science coaching course and National coaches.

According to TTOC President Larry Romany the workshop will provide caoches with the information and knowledge that will develop the training foundation that will enable T&T's elite level athletes and national teams to perform on the international stage.

"If we are not seeing an excellent performance in competition.the question that has to be asked is just how good is the preparation.Did the failure lie with the athlete or the coach"said Romany.

"The worshop is important and needed. We have just come out of the CAC there were some high points and some disappointing performances.Ahead we have Pan Am and Beijing".

Romany added that the TTOC's aim is to provide national and elite level local coaches with world class and cutting edge information and methods.

"Looking further down the road to 2009 and beyond some of our potential podium athletes will currently be in their early teens it is important that we lay the foundation for their training in a world class context".