MAYOR of Port-of-Spain Raymond Tim Kee, told reporters yesterday that the solution to curbing crime in the nation may be through investing in sport, instead of the protective services. Tim Kee expressed the view while visiting the All In One School located near Parshley Street, Beetham Gardens.

“Giving the police arms and ammunition would only do so much,” said Tim Kee, “I am satisfied that if some of that money would go into sport we would not have so much need for all the weapons.” Tim Kee used his past experiences in sport, like his involvement in the Trinidad and Tobago Futsal Team as an example. He explained that while he was involved, he encouraged coaches to scout for players in high-risk communities. 

“We took persons from several communities and told them that they were not representing the areas they were from, but the nation,” he said. 

“We gave them jackets with Trinidad and Tobago on the backs, and had them walk about their communities wearing them. 

These men from these small communities led the nation to Caribbean championships in Futsal not just once, but twice. I have even seen situations where persons who started off the programme as enemies, became friends within a month. It was then and there I was satisfied that sport could play a crucial role in developing communities” Tim Kee explained that he had been involved with the All In One School since its inception. He said, he was invited by members of the board, and took the opportunity to speak to parents. 

While at the school, the Mayor was informed of issues that parents were facing, like poor drainage at the back of some schools and flooding in front of others, and promised to tend to their issues