Trinidad and Toba­go swimmer Dylan Carter ended his Arena Pro Series campaign in Minneapolis, Minne­s­o­ta, USA, with a fourth-place finish in the Men’s 100m freestyle C Final on Saturday night.
The 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic silver and bronze medallist sprinted a 51.32 second timing for the two-lap event to finish fourth behind Club Wolverine’s Bruno Ortiz (50.56), UBC Dolphins’ Stef Milosevic (50.82) and Swim Atlanta’s Karl Krug (50.98). Indie Swimming’s Michael Andrew (51.41), Giovanni Lima (51.56) North baltimore Aquatics Club’s Tom Kremer (51.65) and Danny Tucker (52.01). USA Olympic gold medallist Nathan Adrian won the A Final in 48.49.
Earlier, on Saturday, in the Men’s 100m free preliminaries, Carter posted the 21st fastest time (51.24) to earn a spot in the C final, which was toCondorelli had the fastest qualifying time with a 48.94 second clocking.
On Friday night, T&T’s top swimmer George Bovell splashed to a 22.44 seconds effort for the one-lap sprint, finishing fourth behind USA Olympic gold medallist Nathan Adrian, who pos­ted a fast 21.56 seconds. Canadian Santo Condo­relli placed second in 22.24, with USA’s Brad Tandy third in 22.27.
On that night, Carter also placed eighth and last in the Men’s 100m backstroke B final when he registered a 56.97 second effort. Missouri State’s Paul Le won that race in 55.78, ahead of US superstar Michael Phelps (56.12), with University of Minnesota’s Daryl Turner (56.13) third.
Phelps’ North Balti­more Aquatics Club team­mate David Nolan was fourth in 56.19, followed by Bryce Bohman with 56.48. James Wells (56.64) and Yuri Kisil in 56.64, in that order.
The meet ended Saturday night and the T&T swimmers will now return to their bases to resume their preparation for the 2016 Rio