The TT Rugby Sevens team has been warming up for Glasgow 2014 with a
series of practice matches.At the pre-Games camp at Strathallan
School,TT played two games Perthshire Rugby Club ,winning both. The
T&T team  later won two out of three games played against Falkirk
Rugby Club.

“These games were crucial as they offered us the opportunity to test
our attacking and defensive structures” said National Coach Larry
Mendez. “We relished the opportunity to play unknown and skilful
opposition, to test our own reaction and preparedness” .

“We are very grateful to the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee for
having the foresight to organise such a camp” said Manager Curtis
Nero. “It gave us the opportunity to not only acclimatise, but to
train together and promote team bonding which is so vital in team
sports” .

The team entered the Games Village on 13 July where  the programme
continued, with modifications for peaking, particularly in gym work.

Pre-competition games included a scrimmage session against Papua New
Guinea (PNG) on Thursday 17th July. “A scrimmage is a semi-controlled
game,” explained coach Mendez, “in which we agree to go live on scrums
and lineouts, but only smother tackle in open field. The controlled
game is meant to minimise potential injury by reducing the incidence
of contact".

In the two games played against PNG, T&T won the first 10 points to 5
(no conversions taken), while  the other was drawn 15 points each.

T&T had another scrimmage against Uganda on Saturday 19th in miserable
rainy weather . Uganda won the first in the first 5 points to 15, but
T&T  stormed back to take the second 15 points to 10.

Two scrimmages  were played and lost against Canada, 10 points to 15
and 5 points to 15

“I am really pleased with our defensive structures displayed in the
game against Canada,” said Assistant Coach Dale Trotman. “Despite the
loss, there were some good points we can build on as well as things we
need to fix. We need to press home our attacking advantages by
reacting quicker after creating the gaps. Improved communication on
the field will help.”

“We are pleased with the leadership and high quality of play being
shown by captain Joseph Quashie and Jesse Richards’ play so far has
been tremendous and an inspiration to the team,” says manager Curtis
Nero.” Individuals are beginning to step up now and we are seeing good
team play. The challenge is to maintain that focus for the duration of
the game. That is our challenge .”