Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) president Raymond Tim Kee has stated that the matter involving the outstanding payments due to the 13 2006 World Cup players is very much on the front burner for his administration.

Speaking on Monday, Tim Kee emphasised the need for the matter to be put to rest, adding however that the TTFA was not in possession of the necessary funds at this time. “I wish to categorically state that this matter is still very much on the front burner. As a matter of fact, if we had the funds now, these players would get their monies today or tomorrow,” Tim Kee stated.

He added that the timing of the release by the players was questionable with the country set to play two of its biggest international matches in some time and collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism to promote the country in Buenos Aires with the launch of supporters charter for the game at the Estadio Monumental on June 4.

“Perhaps there is the belief that the TTFA will acquire a large sum of funds from this game which is not true. Argentina will not pay a large sum of money to a country like Trinidad and Tobago. Instead it would have to be the reverse but we were quite willing to accept the invitation to play them as they will cover our expenses in Argentina in terms of accommodation and so on and the same goes for the Iran game,” he explained.

“What we may benefit from is the charter being arranged with the  Ministry of Tourism which will see fans purchasing packages from which money will go back into the TTFA for development.

“Even so, it’s not a huge amount. But rest assured that while we are still short of funds, that all efforts are being made to acquire the funding to pay the players. And you will recall that when I came into office that was one of the very first things we did last year which was making a payment of around ten million. We have some outstanding amount for them which we are seeking at this point in time,” Tim Kee added.