Emerging entertainer Sekon Sta (Nesta Boxill) has comfortably positioned himself into this country’s Olympic limelight citing his decision to pen a selection titled My World that aims to boost morale and stir national fervour for this T&T’s medal hopefuls heading out to Rio, Brazil for the 2016 Games, which take place from August 5-21.

The announcement was made at joint media conference held at Olympic House, home of the T&T Olympic Committee on Abercromby Street, Port-of-Spain, on Friday, where Sekon Sta said, “Honestly, I represent the athlete of now. Most of the athletes are my age. Most of the athletes are my friends and my fans. I think no one is better positioned to put forward a song telling their story, because I am a part of their story. I think it’s a song that people could take and add their only personal take on it. It’s just about being the best you can be.”

Citing his relationship with some of the nation’s elite athletes he reached out to 2013 IAAF 400-metre hurdle champion Jehue Gordon to get his opinion on texture of the song. Sekon Sta believed his correspondence with athletes helped to develop the composition sufficiently which allowed him to book studio time and ultimately record. “This song represents their steps forward. As in music and sports they bring everybody together. It has been so since the beginning of civilisation and nothing is going to change.

“At the end of the day, putting forward a song is supposed to reflect the events of today and I think this song will be, over time, the song that represents the events of 2016. So in 2026, in 2060, when you come back to the year 2016 it will be the year that Keshorn (Walcott) won gold, when Jehue (Gordon) won gold, when Andrew Lewis won gold,” he said.

Sekon Sta continued, “It would be the year when all those guys go out there and win. This song will represent that era of greatness. The song came naturally. It was a song about upliftment and then we realised the climate of the society at this point in time.

“We said let’s uplift everyone, let’s uplift the athletes. It was a T&T song, before and now it became a T&T sport song that mentions great feelings and excellence. It speaks of patriotism.”