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With just about 75 days to go to the opening ceremony of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games national sport organisations with athletes contesting for Olympic berths have a responsibility to support their athletes.

It is important for team sports in particular as the established Olympic sports such as Athletics, swimming and cycling are timed sports and the Elite Athlete Assistance Program Policy Guide line is clear and unambiguous.

The Trinidad and Tobago Men and women beach volleyball teams and the women's rugby 7s teams are still battling for Olympic berths.
To suggest at this point who may or may not have a realistic chance to make it to Rio as a basis for determining support is not in keeping with the Letter and Spirit of the Olympic Charter , Olympic Values and the Olympic qualification process.

If the International Federation and International Olympic Committee qualification process is still alive and ongoing ,national sport organisation have a duty, responsibility and obligation to provide support.

There are too many conversations taking place that make a mockery of declarations of putting athletes first and being athlete centred.
With Sport administrators making decisions based on their individual whims and fancy rather than a a well defined policy and process.