We continue to tell a lie.

It might only be a little one but the frequency with which we lie in Trinidad and Tobago is such that we have become delusional. Most people will tell you there are much more important things and problems and issues bedevilling Trinidad and Tobago. We are totally disingenuous and dishonest. We have devalued the truth to the point where we either don’t realise it or even care. Liars have the ascendancy—they are shameless.

As a society, we no longer value the truth. We don’t dare question or disagree with our clique or group. Getting to the truth no longer matters. There are certain things that we hide and ought not to be questioned. Most people are more afraid of being shunned, cancelled or ostracised.

So standing up for the truth no longer matters. It’s better to be liked than to be truthful. It’s far better to remain under the tent than to be kicked out of the tent.

So we maintain the illusion that the truth matters when it really doesn’t matter.

The more creative and inventive the lie the greater the reward of remaining welcomed.

I had intended to devote some space and words to the recently concluded first Caribbean Games which took place in Guadeloupe- from June 29 to July 3. There was so much good and positive that came out of the historic Caribbean Games. It was a huge statement of intent. It showed that when the Caribbean is united and has a common cause and focus- all things are possible. That is contrary to the overriding view that we in the Caribbean cannot organise anything. We can!

That’s the truth but it doesn’t matter. People prefer to point out all that was wrong so that the lie that we in the Caribbean can’t organise anything must prevail. The lie is more important than the truth.

Shortly after the 3rd of July Caribbean Games closing ceremony came the 5th July Olympic Reallocation Ceremony for the Beijing 4x100 men relay team of Keston Bledman, Aaron Armstrong, Emmanuel Callender, Marc Burns and Richard Thompson.

It took fourteen years for the TeamTTO athletes to receive their deserved gold medal. That for the first time in Olympic history the steel pan version of our national anthem was played at an Olympic medal ceremony added significant historical import. But the profound relevance of our third Olympic Gold medal. Is a positive the country needed given the negativity that is consuming the country.

But the lie that Trinidad and Tobago cares about sport is more important than the truth that we really don’t.

Then came the news that Anthony Harris—a sports photographer and cycling and fitness and wellness and active lifestyle enthusiast had succumbed to injuries suffered when he was the victim of a hit and run accident around the Queen’s Park Savannah on Saturday.

There are no words that can be said to offer comfort to his bereaved family, friends and colleagues. In a country that values the lie that sport, physical activity and keeping fit is important and matters.

The truth is that motorists in Trinidad and Tobago don’t respect cyclists, runners and walkers who daily live their commitment and dedication to a healthier, fitter and safer Trinidad and Tobago is not important.

The lie matters, not the truth.

Source: https://guardian.co.tt