During the last three weeks certain things have occurred that caused me to reflect on life and living life mindfully.  How do you find inspiration and motivation when the going gets tough and you feel as if nothing you do at a particular point in time, is making any sense and creating a positive difference?

How do you re-ignite the passion that fuels momentum? It was in this state of mind that reflection took place. Where can you find inspiration and motivation?  The untimely passing of Richard Fakoory, Stefan Monteil and Nipsey Hussle hit many people hard.  Why?  Because in their own indelible way these three men lived a life of purpose.  Their sense of commitment made them make decisions that others questioned.  Their loyalty and fidelity to their vision of using their resources to making a positive difference.

In a very profound way they were rebels with a cause.  Their commitment to their respective causes be it sport, carnival and culture and music and community were examples to others.  But it depended very much on your point of view.

At what point do you become over committed?  In the face of well meaning advice to step back and take it easy.

Richard Fakoory's financial commitment mirrored his passion, as did Stefan Monteil's and Nipsey Hussle's.  But it went far deeper than money.  Theirs' was a life lived in pursuit of a bigger vision and dream of hope.  Their optimism, enthusiasm and passion were unending and enduring.

To the very end, their actions and lives were a song of hope.  No matter how dark it may appear, the seeds they planted will one day bear fruit and the dream will be realized.

For those of lesser faith and vision, their sudden passing is a cautionary tale that self preservation is a more sensible goal.  Save yourself first. 

What drove these three men to go hard regardless, is where the fountain of inspiration and motivation may rally others to the cause.

In the end that their commitment, passion and enthusiasm may have proven their undoing is immaterial and mere subjecture.

We are all faced with choices, either live a life of service or live a life of self preservation.  Which road makes a positive difference to others?

What did Richard Fakoory, Stefan Monteil and Nipsey Hussle see that others may not have?  If one is to judge by their actions while they were alive, you can derive your own lessons and messages.

Their lives weren't futile - the world is a better place for the example they set and the seeds they have planted.

The lives they touched can't be untouched. Their stories will inspire and motivate.  Death will not diminish their live work, vision, mission and effort.

Written by Brian Anthony Courtenay Lewis.

The views expressed aren't necessarily the views of the TTOC and TTCGA.