The headline in one of the daily newspapers read “Hit for Six”, another headline in another daily read “TT rugby dreams dashed by RAN (Rugby Americas North)”. Then there are various disputes and accusations and counter-accusations.

Recently SportTT (Sports Company of T&T) was in the headlines too, the result of a changing of the chairperson.

All I have been hearing from those who can be described as neutrals - they have no known affiliation to any sport or sports association - is World Cup going on and sport on the front page in a negative way.

In the absence of a totality of all the facts, it’s not wise to make specific and detailed public pronouncement, save and except to say, it reflects negatively on the image of T&T sport.

It certainly doesn’t paint sports administrators in a positive light.

Regardless of how uncomfortable it may be, sports administrators should welcome the intense scrutiny they are facing. It is absolutely necessary. Sports administrators must not be given the liberty to hide behind their titles or position.

Being in the spotlight not only shines a light on dark corners but forces transparency and accountability. If it was any other way, many sports organisations and sports administrators will remain comfortable and resist the reality that change must come.

Sport in T&T is ready to shine and shine brighter than ever. To release the light it requires sports administrators and sports organisations to open their arms, hearts and minds and embrace modernisation and transformation.

Sports administrators must help sport thrive.

Most of the negative headlines are unnecessary and avoidable. Habits that harm and hurt can’t be allowed to continue. Change must come.

On a sad note, I extend sincere condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of Lawrence Rondon, Muhammad Isa and Ayanna Dyette. Dyette, a former national indoor and beach volleyball player, died on Sunday at the age of 32.

T&T sport has lost three outstanding human beings who gave their all in service of the country through sport.

These are times when it is important for all of us involved in T&T sport to be more authentic and truthful. The joy of sport is at the core of why we do what we do in the sport. Let’s respect the joy and not take that joy or each other for granted.

I for one am not suggesting that it’s easy and convenient. It isn’t but we all must make a stronger effort to do better and be better.

By striving to be better T&T sport will benefit in a positive way.