We have to learn to think. Our two feet deeply rooted in our history, our traditions, our sports, our culture, our food, our art, our music, our challenges and our triumphs with our head facing and geared towards the future. The past recast in the future with a commitment to quality.


How will T&T cope with the expansive economic, demographic and technological upheaval promised by the 21st century? We envision a journey into the unknown as an opportunity to be seized with enthusiasm.

Change does not have to mean loss even though the future may be unclear. Technological developments could open new avenues of work, new routes to prosperity and security.

Our minds think in images. What are the pictures we hold in our mind’s eye?

How many of us can think back to a time where you did things because it was fun without worrying about the outcome. Where you couldn’t wait to wake up in the morning and go do what you were blissfully happy to do. It was almost fair to say that inspite of ourselves we did spectacular things.

How many of us remember those “why not” days? Life was an adventure. You literally dared yourself to see what you can get away with. Time stood still. Hours go by without you noticing. You lose track of time. You spent time doing what you love.

What’s the point of all the nostalgia?

Well, it has to do with how grown up and serious we are trying to be as we have made conforming to what we perceive to be grown up and a grown up society and nation behaviour important.

As we talk incessantly about all the negative things the joy and sense of awe and gratitude has drained from our minds and psyche. The walls are closing in and we have lost the self belief that we are an inventive and innovative people.

We have always been so, so what the heck!

There are many things to express gratitude about.

That we have found ourselves in a bit of a muddle and wobble, is no compelling reason to doubt ourselves. Technology is creating many opportunities. Science is offering solutions to many previously thought of unsolvable.

Why are we allowing ourselves to be deluded by those who benefit and continue to benefit from the negativity and scarcity mindset.

My call today is a simple one, let’s break the addiction to negativity and bad news. I am not saying live in a fool’s paradise, what I am saying is let’s see it all as stepping stones to if not, why not? Have faith in ourselves and a big vision.

Let’s eschew the prevailing narrative that we are losers because we have lost before or failed time and time again. Let’s stop being brainwashed by people who benefit from ensuring other people believe that La Dolce Vita is beyond our reach. Let us go for it and stop listening to all the tired excuses we have become expert at rolling out.

Instead of being good at extolling every reason and excuse invented let’s get good at being the best we can be. Let’s make the decision to benchmark excellence and quality.

Our faith must be greater than our fears. Let us be our best, do our best, demand the best, expect the best.

No more Excuses. Let’s stop accepting limits. T&T let’s believe big and go do it.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Brian Lewis is the President of the T&T Olympic Committee. The opinions expressed are not necessarly those of the organisation.