Thirty-one delegates comprising National Sport Organisation (NSOs) members and executive together with council members of the T&T Olympic Committee (TTOC) agreed to a good governance commitment when the TTOC held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) at Olympic House last Saturday.

The good governance commitment comes on the heels of the local gymnastics fiasco, when the selection policy of the T&T Gymnastics Federation came into question concerning gymnasts Thema Williams and Marisa Dick which has attracted the attention of the international interests.

Also, the amendments have come in a time when a number the sporting organizations are plagued with many management issues which are being highlighted in the traditional and social media on a daily basis.

The AGM received, considered and approved the 2015 annual report, audited financial statements and alterations to the TTOC constitution which included the good governance committment.

The TTOC led by president Brian Lewis, made an alteration to Article 11 IV of the constitution which involves the Rights and Duties of Members. It was amended by adding the words “and the Good Governance Code Commitment” after the words “Constitution of the Committee”.

The development of a Good Governance Code has been in the making for some time. In November 2015, Olympic sport governance expert professor Leigh Robinson, head of sport studies at the University of Stirling visited T&T to facilitate workshops with the TTOC’s stakeholders to develop a Good Governance Code for sport in T&T.

Targeted at meeting International Standards of Good Governance, the code aims to foster sustainable sports development and ensure National Governing bodies and Sport Organizations improve their good governance.

Lewis, who has led the TTOC since 2013, has ensured the local Olympic body is more athlete centred and market driven along with moving a motion to stop outgoing executive members from having an automatic right to vote.

In an effort to ensure NSOs live up to their commitment, the TTOC will produce and table a good governance report at next year’s AGM.

The TTOC Good Governance Commission will be given the responsibility to oversee the measurement, monitoring and evaluation tools that will be used.



IV. according to the Olympic Charter, the IOC Code of Ethics, the World Anti-Doping Code, the Constitution of the Committee and the Good Governance code Commitment.

The seven good governance commitments which the 42 NSOs must follow are:

• Carrying out a constitutional review at least every four years to make sure that our constitutions are fit for purpose.

• Reflecting annually on our performance as a Board to identify how we might improve the way we work in the following year

• Monitoring the performance of the NSO against the strategic plan and reporting back to members on this annually.

• Having Board term limits of 4 years and limiting each member of the Board to two terms.

• Planning for succession by actively recruiting new members onto the Board whenever appropriate.

• Having role outlines for all Board positions so that Board members are clear about what they are required to achieve.

• Supporting Board members to gain the skills they need to carry out their role.