Port of Spain, Trinidad. The Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee (TTOC) today announced a partnership agreement with Press Play Jukebox Limited. Working in tandem with the TTOC, Press Play Jukebox Limited will assist the TTOC in building its brand and generating revenue for #10Golds24 Athlete Welfare and Preparation fund. As part of the partnership, Press Play Limited would make available to TTOC its media platform.

Press Play delivers media experiences that combine the perfect blend of creativity and innovative technology. The company specializes in sensory branding, leveraging pre-existing technologies to provide robust, dynamic and affordable media solutions to the masses which includes audio, video and interactive solutions and throughout have built their reputation by delivering quality systems and superior customer service that set a standard for excellence.

President of the TTOC, Brian Lewis, welcomed Press Play as a TTOC partner. “In its effort to transform our marketing, the TTOC cannot think outside the box, we have to create a new box and become more innovative, vibrant and creative with our marketing initiatives,” said Lewis.

Press Play is pleased to partner with the TTOC as it works to foster a greater sense of awareness and patriotism within Trinidad and Tobago. Leveraging Press Play’s expertise in advertising and new media marketing, the TTOC will be in a stronger position to execute fundraising efforts as it aids our athletes in achieving #10Golds24. More specifically, Press Play’s media platforms will be used to raise public awareness and assist the revenue generation activities through its Retail Radio (in-store audio) and PPTV (digital signage) and mobile platforms.

Director of Press Play, Dwayne Cambridge, believes that nationalism and patriotism are at the heart of this partnership. “On one side it’s about ensuring that our athletes are adequately resourced from a preparation and wellness standpoint, to do their best on the world stage,” said Cambridge. “On the other side it’s about forging a closer relationship between the public and our athletes. In getting the populous to better know the individuals who represent us and do the country proud, the goal will be to help each citizen to identify with the athletes and better understand what it takes to get them to the Olympics,” he stated.

“For continued success there needs to be a structured, systematic, and most importantly consistent approach to the support (from all stakeholders) of our athletes. Our intent is to help the TTOC to play a significant part in getting this done,” he concluded.

In addition to the partnership announcement, Toyota Trinidad and Tobago Limited (TTTL) and Southern Sales presented their marathon pledge for the #10Golds24 Athlete Welfare and Preparation fund to the TTOC. Marketing Manager, Sean Shaffie, presented on behalf of TTTL while Marketing Coordinator, Liah Mohammed, presented on behalf of Southern Sales.