Marcus Duncan knows how to adapt to different circumstances. While other athletes have suffered because of inaccessible facilities in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, Duncan has experienced minimal disruption to his training programme.

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For Team Trinidad and Tobago’s top rower Felice Aisha Chow, being defeated by the circumstamces around the Covid-19 pandemic is not an option.

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Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee (TTOC) President Brian Lewis claimed the cancellation of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games would leave National Olympic Committees (NOC) "in a big hole."

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Brian Lewis, president of the T&T Olympic Committee says a great number of National Organising Committees will be put in a 'big hole' financially should the rescheduled 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games set for next year fail to come off.

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I could not have imagined how excited I would get watching on my computer screen three pole vaulters repeatedly clear the same height.

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Trinidad & Tobago is a small country led by a volcanologist that recently managed to wrestle their active COVID-19 cases down to one. The secret to their success is widely available to everyone on Earth.

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