Freedom morning come! It’s Emancipation Day. T&T has the acknowledged distinction of leading the way in declaring Emancipation Day a public holiday.

What is the history and significance of the formerly enslaved peoples and their struggles?

Emancipation Day commemorates the abolition of slavery. Designated a public holiday in 1985. What are we celebrating?

We maybe physically free but are we mentally and emotionally free? Are we economically free? What are we emancipated from?

Freedom morning come! The Emancipation Proclamation of 1834 is read.

An enslaved population is free! The end of slavery. But in many fundamental aspects modern T&T is still enslaved to its past. The formal slave trade is over and we are physically emancipated and no longer a colony but an independent Republic.

Freedom morning come!

Free! Physically Free! But the most important freedom we are still to achieve. We remain in chains and enslaved to mediocrity, low achievement and self esteem, to a mindset of dependency and a fear of failure - the mental and emotional plantation where is still our enclave.

Freedom morning come!

When will we be free to believe that we can achieve greatness and strive for excellence inspite of obstacles and challenges. When will we be free to be who we are- where gender, sexual orientation, creed, religion, race are no longer shackles and chains?

If we choose to live a life following our passion for sport we aren’t shackled by the chains of a mindset and attitude that places sport as an unworthy pursuit not as prestigious as being a doctor or lawyer.


Sport is a reflection of society and can’t be looked at singularly. Sport will reflect the high points and flaws of the twin island Republic. To emancipate local sport from the obstacles and challenges will require an embrace of the complex issues that under pin contemporary T&T.

The impact of slavery, Colonialism, Post Colonialism and Neo Colonialism are subtle and not so subtle barriers.

Freedom morning come!

As a nation we stand at the crossroads in a multitude of ways. Reflecting on what are we celebrating and why may well serve as a start point for the change that we need to move forward to the realisation of our full potential.

As we seek to harness the strategic direction there are significant issues that require attention. The need for financial integrity and transparency. The financial side of sport is becoming increasingly sophisticated and complex.

What type of financial supervision, due diligence and oversight are in place. How do we intend to implement the needed reforms?

The issue of youth development and protection of minors is another issue crying out for urgent attention. Recent scandals connected to child abuse in various countries reflect the magnitude of the issue that many choose to deny and hide their heads in the sand.

Sensitive as the issue may be the protection of children and young people is a duty, obligation and responsibility that can’t be breached.

With freedom comes responsibility.

Freedom morning come.