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August 12, 2020

BBC Women's Sport Survey: Periods, the pill and the effect on female athletes - BBC…

Periods must be powerful. After all, just mentioning the word can be enough to create…
August 12, 2020

The sports world moves to the rhythm of the CACSO Sports Administration Seminar

VENEZUELA (Saturday, August 8, 2020).- The “I Seminar on Sports Administration of the Central American…
August 12, 2020


VENEZUELA. AUGUST 11, 2020 - Innovation, creativity, scope, impact and professionalism are just some of…
August 06, 2020

Lewis: Regional Olympic Movement must embrace digitisation

PRESIDENT OF the Caribbean Association of National Olympic Committees (CANOC) Brian Lewis believes the regional…
August 04, 2020

Caribbean Olympic Sport Leaders must put Interest of Youth and Young People First

Digitisation and Digitalisation and Technology can create economic and financial opportunities for youth and young…
August 04, 2020

Plans going ahead for C’bean Games

President of the Caribbean Association of national Olympic Committees (CANOC), Brian Lewis has congratulated the…
August 03, 2020

Cudjoe: Yorke Stadium to rival any in region

The THA will soon be given the responsibility to manage the Dwight Yorke Stadium, according…

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Plans going ahead for C’bean Games https://t.co/JjtIhv9qaG
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January 24 2019, Port of Spain. With the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games firmly in the sights of the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee (TTOC) and Team Trinidad and Tobago (TeamTTO). The TTOC’s 2019 marathon walk has taken on greater significance as the National Olympic Committee (NOC),

will be doing everything possible to ensure that over the next 18 months TeamTTO athletes will be as best prepared as possible for Tokyo 2020; notwithstanding the challenging economic circumstances facing Trinidad and Tobago.

This year, the TeamTTO marathon walk group will be the largest ever, with forty- one individuals committing to starting and completing the gruelling 26.2-mile journey on behalf of Team TTO athletes. The #marathonwalk started in 2015 when TTOC president Brian Lewis launched the #10golds24 athlete welfare and preparation fund and decided to walk the marathon to raise funding and awareness for the fund.

On Sunday (27 January) at St Mary Junction, Freeport, the runners will be sent on their way by Trinidad and Tobago International Marathon (TTIM) Chairperson, Diane Henderson, at 5am. The walkers on the other hand will start at 3:30am.

The Team TTO walking contingent includes media personalities Kerron ‘Sunny Bling’ Sealey (TTOC Cultural Ambassador), Andre Baptiste, Tony Lee, Robert Dumas, Mark Pouchet Elizabeth Griffith and Roger Sant. Also walking under the TeamTTO banner are Senator the Honourable Clarence Rambharat – the Minister of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries, His Worship the Mayor of Port of Spain Alderman Joel Martinez, Councillor Samuel Sankar – Kelly Village/ Wareenville, City of Port of Spain Alderman Wendell Stephen, Republic Bank Managing Director, Nigel Baptiste, Caribbean Airlines captain Andy Cheekes, Businessman Michael Reece and Elderly and disabled advocate Anton Lafond.

Team TTO - Marathon Walk Group for TTIM 2019

  1. Elizabeth Griffith
  2. Kerron 'Sunny Bling' Sealey
  3. Andre Baptiste
  4. Nigel Baptiste
  5. Tony Lee
  6. Brian Lewis
  7. Aasan Lewis
  8. Clayton Morris
  9. Curtis Nero
  10. Andy Cheekes
  11. Joseph Quashie
  12. Bertram Smart
  13. Commander Don Polo
  14. Robert Dumas
  15. Dale Lutchman
  16. Michael Reece
  17. Anton Lafond
  18. Merryl See Tai
  19. Mark Pouchet
  20. Samuel Sankar
  21. Richie Rahim
  22. Calon Reid
  23. Eduardo Gamero
  24. Sandra Maharaj
  25. Derrick McIntyre
  26. Arlene Lewis
  27. Nigel Bellamy
  28. His Worship the Mayor of Port of Spain, Alderman Joel Martinez
  29. Senator the Honourable Clarence Rambharat
  30. Roger Sant
  31. Damian Jordan
  32. Keith Lashley
  33. Alderman Wendell Stephen
  34. Ramon Sambrano
  35. Gregory 'DJ Hero' Sebro
  36. Rudy Rampersad
  37. Shaun Rampersad
  38. Gagen Ramkissoon
  39. Ashton Ramsundar

Support Team

  1. Lovie Santana
  2. Rheeza Grant
  3. Stacy Santana
  4. Nadine Khan
  5. Chanelle Young
  6. Eustace Defreitas
  7. Melanie Gulston
  8. Dexter Browne
  9. Mya Evelyn