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The Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee(TTOC) wishes to extend heartfelt congratulations to the Trinidad and Tobago football team for their brave performances to date at the FIFA World Cup in Germany.

Before the World Cup started there were dire predictions by pundits both local and foreign.

The soca warriors were carded to be the whipping boys .They were described as minnows a potential embarrassment.Cricket scores were anticipated.

Instead the soca warriors have earned the respect of the football world.They earned a point against Sweden and for eighty three minutes fought England to a standstill.

The Soca warriors have set a compelling example of the attributes required if Trinidad and Tobago as a nation is to achieve developed country status by 2020.

More importantly they are an inspiration to the youth of the nation.They are an example of the Olympic Ideals and values .They have played at the FIFA World Cup in Germany with total commitment,joy,pride,passion,team spirit and above all in the spirit of fair play. Well done Soca warriors .