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T&TOC uses marathon as Olympic fundraiser
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TT’s Andrew Lewis qualifies for third Olympic Games
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The harsh reality is not all sport organisations are positioned to survive the difficult times.

Sport leaders across the sporting spectrum must , however, focus on positive solutions.

The economic problems facing Trinidad and Tobago is real and wishful thinking will not provide solutions.

Sport will have to carry its share of the burden.

Every sector will make adjustments and prioritize. Sport has no special entitlement.

Dependency on Government funding was never a sustainable option given the well established boom and bust cycle of oil and gas prices.

Lets put our thinking caps on.

Be realistic but not pessimistic. There is significant opportunity for forward thinking , innovation and efficient and effective management of sport.

Good Governance within national sport organisations and governing bodies becomes a critical success factor.

Trust, credibility, transparency will engender confidence.

It certainly wouldn't be business as usual. Its simple risk management and risk mitigation. No entity or individual will risk providing sport organisations with funding if there is no guarantee of good governance , transparency and accountability.