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In the best of times, doping control is an odd interaction for Olympic athletes. They are required to report their whereabouts always – whether they are training, competing or on vacation. And if they’re chosen for a test, usually that requires urinating in front of a doping control officer.

THE national athlete quarantined at Caura Hospital after testing positive for covid19 on Monday remains in good condition as he awaits to be officially discharged by doctors.

SPORTS Company of TT (SporTT) will allow athletes, who have qualified for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games or seen as potential qualifiers, to train at the sporting facilities throughout the country during the coronavirus pandemic.

TT Olympic Committee (TTOC) president Brian Lewis has been left reassured by the "clarity" and "plan of action" expressed by International Olympic Committee (IOC) president Thomas Bach at a tele-conference on Tuesday to discuss the staging of the 2020 Olympic Games. Speaking with Newsday, on Wednesday, Lewis said he went into the high-profile meeting with some concerns regarding the July 24 start of the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Despite grave concerns about the impact of COVID-19 and the belief that an October 2020 reschedule may have to be an option for the staging of the Tokyo2020 Games, TTOC president Brian Lewis was persuaded to support IOC president Thomas Bach and IOC’s position on measures to confront the virus threat....