Understanding the sports industry

The road ahead is beckoning. High-speed change in the sports industry is creating the environment for those brave enough to plunge in head first and grab the opportunities to adapt the trends into a lucrative and viable sports business.

Ditch negative for positive

Trying to process a lot of things that are happening in T&T can be detrimental to your spirit and soul. It’s simple and convenient to pivot to feeling bewildered.

Delving into the business of sport

The tagline for last week’s Leaders’ Sports Business Summit held at Times Centre in New York was “experience the future of sports”.

Fighting to keep positives in focus

T&T at times can act and appear as if we're an angry land populated by angry people with only dark and deep thoughts.

‘Take Child Abuse in Sport Seriously’

Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee President Brian Lewis has challenged sporting authorities to take child abuse in sport seriously.

I extend congrats to all of you

Gold Coast Commonwealth Games is over. It is now history.